Welcome to C60 oil for your well-being!

People’s experiences and benefits after taking C60 oils:

  • enhancement of the immune system, strengthening of the body’s own defence,
  • increasing energy level in general,
  • enhancement of physical endurance,
  • better sleep for improved night’s rest,
  • decreasing inflammations,
  • (renewed) hair growth.

Pure, virgin, safe and fresh! We offer you:

  • C60 of ultra high purity (99.99 %) and without solvents. For your security and safety: a safety data sheet (MSDS) is present,
  • C60 solved in edible oils extracted from the very first cold pressing of fruits from organic farming,
  • our C60 oils are freshly produced by ourselves and have a long shelf life.

Here you will find the C60 oil that suits you: