C60 in avocado oil (organic virgin) 500 ml


C60 in avocado oil has a soft and distinctive taste. For connoisseurs!
C60 supports your well-being.
One small teaspoon every morning after standing up, together with an apple (an apple only)…….

We are currently producing this oil on request. This way you will receive a very fresh product. To do this, please contact us.

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Our ingredients are pure, virgin, safe and fresh!


  • 80 mg/100 ml C60 of ultra high purity and solvent free;
    a quality label (safety data sheet, MSDS) is present,
  • DISCOUNT BOTTLE: dissolved in 500 ml of avocado oil (organic virgin);
    a quality label (safety data sheet, MSDS) is present,
  • in a brown glass bottle with a closure with pouring spout.

We produce C60 in avocado oil ourselves. This way you can be sure that you will always receive fresh oil with a long shelf life.
We only process oils gained from the very first cold pressing of fruit harvested from organic farming.

What you want to know about C60 oils:

Read here about people’s experiences after taking C60 oils.
In the leaflet What you want to know about C60 oils you will find important information about your preparation, intake and storage of our C60 oils.

Download leaflet

C60 oils are not medicine.


  • height: 17,6 cm,
  • diameter: 7,55 cm,
  • weight: 760 g.

Oils according to your wishes:

  • larger quantities,
  • delivery to companies (for several sectors, also available as agreements for a limited or an unlimited period or subscription),
  • productions in your assignment and/or in accordance with your specifications.

Please feel free to contact C60olie.eu for more information about tailor-made products and special quotations!

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