How long should I take C60 oils?

As far as we know now there is no time limit to the duration of the intake of C60 oils.
C60 oils can be taken with different aims. You can take C60 oils to reduce specific complaints or symptoms and/or for your general well-being.
It is up to you what you want to try.

Read the leaflet for more information about the intake of C60 oils.

What is C60?

C60 is pure carbon. 60 atoms of carbon (in the periodic system of chemistry this element is identified as C) are connected to a molecule in the shape of a ball.

How much C60 oil should I take?

One teaspoon every morning on an empty stomach, together with an apple. A little bit more or less C60 oil is no problem.

Read the leaflet for more information about intake.

How will your C60 oil be shipped?

We package your purchase safely given sustainability and recycling of materials. Depending on the delivery address we enable several carriers for shipment. In every case, you receive a Track & Trace code so you can track your purchase.